Strawberry Lemon Cookie Bars

I realized this summer that most of the desserts I make involve chocolate, peanut butter, or carmel.  While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, I wanted to branch out a little bit, and since so many fruits are fresher in the summer I’ve been making some fruiter desserts.  This was a Pinterest recipe and … [Read More]

Making Popcorn!

Popcorn has always been one of my favorite snacks.  Actually, sometimes I would eat an entire bag and call it dinner.  When I moved here I had trouble finding microwavable popcorn.  I remember talking to my mom about it once and she told me that I could probably find kernels, and I could just make … [Read More]


The older I get, the more important having a place to call my own, has become.  Some of that I’m sure just comes with getting older, but for me a lot a of it has had to do with my job.  I worked long days, and was always on the go. In the car, out … [Read More]

Birmingham Sea Life Center

A few weekends ago two friends and I went to the Birmingham Sea Life Center.  It was on my list of places to explore this summer, and then I found out that another friend of mine has a cousin that works there so we all ended up getting to go for free!  It was a … [Read More]

Exploring Harborne

One of the other places I visited this week was Harborne, a really nice, posh part of Birmingham.  It’s about a 30-40 minute walk from Selly Oak, but it was such a beautiful day that my friend Katie and I didn’t mind the walk.  The high street (main street) had several charity shops and cafes; … [Read More]

Five Guys Come to Birmingham

About a month ago Five Guys Burger and Fries opened up in Birmingham.  There was a lot of buzz about this new American restaurant, and it’s amazing drink machine.  Several of our students wanted to try it so last week we made a trip.  Even though I rarely ate there in the States, I was … [Read More]

MAC and Cannon Hill Park

I’ve had this week off and I’ve tried to get out of Selly Oak and do some more exploring around Birmingham.  On Tuesday I went to the MAC  (Midlands Art Center) and Cannon Hill Park.  The MAC is a free art center that showcases different artists, has musical, theatrical, and comedy performances, and offers a … [Read More]

Cooking in England

So, it’s been a while…Sorry about that. If you followed me on my original blog, you’d know that I did a lot of cooking and baking, and thankfully that’s something that I still get to do a lot of here, but it hasn’t been without it’s adjustments and challenges. First of all, just shopping is … [Read More]

Say What?

It seems like every day I discover another word or phrase that we don’t use in the States.  Here are the latest: A queue (just pronounced cue) is a line; like when you’re shopping, you get in the queue. Dodgy.  In the states we might describe a bad part of town as being sketchy, or a … [Read More]

My First Trip to London

So after I got back from my trip to Scotland I had one night at home before turning around and going to London for a few days.  I have a friend from college who lives there now so I went to visit her and do some sightseeing.  My plan for this trip was just to … [Read More]